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11th World Aqua Congress (XI WAC-2017) - International Water Conference

February 07, 2017

We are pleased to inform you that the World Aqua Congress (WAC) is the flagship event organized by Aqua Foundation annually and is recognized as the most consistent and prestigious international conference organized in India. 11thWorld Aqua Congress (XI WAC-2017)- International Water Conference, will be held in November 16-17, 2017, New Delhi, India.  Aqua Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization, founded in year 1998. The members of organization are committed to bring positive change in society and are contributing selflessly to various environmental and humanitarian causes. With GDP growth rate at 7.6%, India is the fastest-growing large economy in the world today. With booming economy, people’s expenditure patterns change and so do their lifestyles. Rapid urbanization is also adding fuel to these changes. Thus, the manner in which India meets its increasing food and water demands has been the major focus of many recent food and water demand projections both at the global scale and at the national scale. All these studies and research univocally say that it cannot be 'business-as-usual' if India has to meet food and water demands and aspirations of its growing population.  Smart solutions are urgently needed to ensure adequate water supply for a growing India.10th World Aqua Congress was therefore organized with the theme of 'Water- Smart Solutions for Growing India', on November 24-25, 2016. It was deliberated and concluded during this conference that India needs to adopt best practices in the field of water & environment, without waiting any further. The world is a big global community today and it's always desirable to learn from other counties already having made significant advancement in the field of sustainability.

Session Focus:

11th World Aqua Congress (XI WAC-2017) is being announced with an objective to bring best of the solutions from around the world on a single platform, and present them to Indian government, policy makers and industry. Through this letter they invite technology & solution providers from Lebanon to participate in XI WAC and showcase their expertise or become part as delegate to learn from experts from around the world. Entire conference is proposed to be divided into themes and sessions based on inputs received from different counties. There will also be adequate display space for participants willing to showcase their products.

Date & Venue:
Date: 16-17 November, 2017
Venue: New Delhi, India

For further information, please contact: Ms. Praggya Sharmaa - Secretary General, Aqua Foundation, Tel: +91-9818568825, E-mail: and copy to Embassy of India, Beirut to: 

Looking forward to your participation in the conference.

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