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Central Power Research Institute

December 17, 2021


Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), set up in 1960, is an autonomous Society under Ministry of Power, Government of India. It has been offering services in the areas of applied research in electrical power engineering, testing & certification, consultancy/field testing and capacity building/training programmes for more than five decades. CPRI is the largest Testing Laboratory with unique facilities/credentials at par with any other International Laboratory performing activities of similar nature. The electrical manufacturers in India have been extensively utilizing CPRI laboratories for testing electrical equipment.

CPRI has played crucial role in creation of a conducive environment for R&D to flourish in the country by carrying out/co-ordinating various research projects on identified thrust areas leading to new technology development, evaluation studies for bringing out new standards and process improvement, in a collaborative nature involving Utility, Industry, Academia and Research Organizations. Some of the projects aim at design and development of indigenous technologies with the objective of cost reduction, import substitution and employment generation.

Research Schemes of Ministry of Power being implemented through CPRI are:


  1. In-House R&D

  2. Research Scheme on Power

  3. R&D under National Perspective Plan

CPRI is also co-ordinating research projects under Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana(UAY) of MHRD,IMPacting Research Innovation & Technology (IMPRINT) of MHRD and LED Research Scheme.

Major objectives of the Institute:

  • Function as a National Power Research Organization for undertaking and sponsoring R&D projects in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution and operation of electricity supply systems.

  • Provide necessary centralized research and testing facilities for evaluation of electrical materials and performance of power equipment.

  • Serve as a National Testing and Certification Authority for the purpose of certification of rating and performance to ensure availability of quality equipment for use under conditions prevalent in Indian Power Systems.

There is more than 140 Government/private companies being served by CPRI. Lebanese Electrical Services, Beirut is one of those companies.


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