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Launch Of MEA's Performance Smart Board

August 19, 2019

Hon’ble External Affairs Minister launched MEA’s Performance Smart Board/Dashboard on 14 August 2019. The Dashboard is a major priority set by the Hon’ble PM for all the Ministries, bringing transparency and accountability across all system of government and is a tool for performance monitoring. MEA’s Performance Smart Board can be accessed at .


The MEA’s Performance Smartboard has been created on key target areas, capturing all major schemes, programmes and initiatives of the Ministry. Accordingly, it can be used not only as a performance monitoring tool within the government, but also as a tool to keep citizens, diaspora and foreigners informed of the services, activities and functioning of the Ministry.


The performance Smartboard of the Ministry has captured major indicators sliced and diced across 5 clusters –


(i) Citizen Services


(ii) Trade & Commerce


(iii) Development Partnership


(iv) International Engagement


(v) Diaspora Engagement

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